Verdant Vlad is Avery's friend and a star! Verdant Vlad is known for having his own Internet Show called "Verdant

Ugly, but nice.

Vlad Tries". He runs the show with his friend Mountain Dew George and The Laugh. Verdant Vlad is the only Avery's real life friend who is in This Part of Site, but suprisingly, he is not in Dave Fandom.

Verdant Vlad is suprisingly intelligent, and he isn't angry and clumsy like other people in This Part of Site so he isn't related with Jim Cornette and so isn't part of the conspiracy against Fortan.

Verdant Vlad Tries is the only internet show in This Part of Site and so far has only one episode, that debuted the show's main character.

Verdant Vlad Tries

Verdant Vlad Tries is a show where Vlad eats random things, in the first episode, he tried to eat a peep and drink Mountain Dew George. Its possible that he threw them up because he told The Laugh that this was "Fucking---" and it's possible that Verdant Vlad Tries doesn't get any more episodes. Even though show was possibly cancelled, the video introduced the Main Characters besides Verdant Vlad and new members of This Part of Site.

The Laugh

The Laugh is a mysterious voice who is never seen, because she's holding the camera. But her girly laugh can be heard in the background when Vlad tries to eat a peep, and that's where she got her name from.

Mountain Dew George

Mountain Dew George is Verdant Vlad's "second hand." Because he helps Vlad to swallow the peep. However it still fails because of the ending. Mountain Dew George is just a can of Mountain Dew, but it's known that he's very helpful towards Vlad. Probadly Mountain Dew George is Vlad's other best friend because of Avery's jerkassiness.