This Part Of Site is a name for connection between Fortan and his friends and enemies.



Before the official "finding", the several variations that led to TPoS were absent. Such as TMB's Team, Tachin Fandom and "The Weird Gang". Most of the members of these teams ended up being friends and starting "This Part Of Site.", most notably being Jasper and Avery.


The Year when Fortan joined internet, there he ended up being friend with G0ATFAC3 fan Bolt, Fortan also was a fan of G0ATFAC3 and Tachin1994, who pretty much was the center of TPoS at that time. After Jasper started his infamous hating against Fortan, several small connections were started between Weird Gang, TMB's Former Team and Tachin Fandom. Youtube and Deviantart were the sites where this connection was absent.


This was the year when the connection between users started to lose it's chain, and TPoS ended up becoming just a DeviantART thing. Also the first appearance of the term "This Part of Site" was used. This Part Of Site was mostly a connection between Jasper, Avery, Aqua, Anjelo, Sebas, Fortan, Lucy, Gabe and few other people. Most of these people were connected because of their love for HomeStuck and Iscribble parties. Also very rarely, some HIWHEs' would appear at TPoS as well. Connection was rushed forever after Avery-Lucy Feud, which led the part of connection to move to Tumblr and leave Lucy, who joined into HIWHE's.