Spike Chunsoft is a darkened puzzle of lies, death, injury, war, heart-breaking, rejection, fetish, molestion, fascism
Spike chunsoft

The Main Character of Dangan Ronpa, Super High School Level Nerd Bilio Gatesu. All resemblances to Bill Gates are accidental. ACCEPT IT.

and globalization. This demonic area has set it's base to Japan just to fool Weeaboos as well as other dorks. They created Dangan Roncrap, A Vidya gaym inspired by Andrew Hussie's body of work. Their evil plan is to wipe out every other piece of media from earth and wake up "the Hive Mind."


Spike Chunsoft was founded by George Gray, the former co-worker of Andrew Hussie. He left MSPA after Hussie started trolling his fans. He planned to retire from media creating forever, when he discovered in his trip to Japan an ancient book. The Book told how to summon "the Hive Mind", the creature who starts Instrumentality, something George's rival Jim Cornette wanted. George gathered together the worst people in the world and started to work a game called "Dangan Roncrap."

The game was a success because Tumblr said so, and the fandom started to spread along with Overrated Gay Porn and Hussie's atrocities. This game also brainwashed a certain group of disgraces. George's plan was a success and he started to develop sequel, this time with the help of Andrew Hussie and reanimated corpse of Ronald Reagan.

Dangan Roncrap

A gang of people with silly hair (it's Japan, what do you expect?) solve mysteries, like Scooby Doo didn't run that genre to the ground.

Who cares people hail it because it has several mind-controlling messages similar to the ones Hussie used.