This unknown hacker has tried to attack Fortan's wiki for days, and seems to think that Fortan is the worst person ever. Hacker has stated that he ISN'T Jim Cornette, and = never said anything, he just cleared everything.

He is not...

  • Jim Cornette, because he stated it himself
  • Kevin, because Kevin doesn't even know that i have a new wiki.
  • Sonick, because Sonick doesn't really hate Fortan.
  • Lucy, because Lucy lost all her writing and reading skills in asylum.
  • Jasper, because Jasper would be more creative and doesn't really have time for that anyway
  • Avery, because Avery is too "angry" to be him.
  • Sebas, because Sebas neither is too angry.

But he might be...

  • Dave McDonalds, because he is enough angry to attack Fortan's wiki all the time and is the only one these days who still keeps spamming Fortan with "LEAVE INTERNET" messages.
  • GigaSurfer, because this guy rants.
  • Anybody, because he called Fortan an Attention whore.
  • =, because overall he is doing that guy's job, and just like ='s, his true identity is unknown.
  • La Parka
  • Everyone
  • The Hate, because he, well, hates, just hates! Nothing else!
  • Jim Cornette, who knows, he might be lying.