Fortan really does suck horse cock for all he's done in the past. We all know what you did. You stopt us from taking over the Internet, then killing all the children, then we would unite all the souls of Earth's people into one being, which means that the flaws in every living being would be complemented by the strengths in others, thus erasing the insecurities in people's hearts.

And i would've gotten away with it if it wasn't for you meddling Fortan! Enjoy your Horse Cock, Fortan. Plans to create perfect Earth are now gone when every single HIWHE and YTPMV Communiteeb knows about it, and it's all your fault!

Now our last chance is to get everyone into SBURB with the help of Andrew Hussie, so we can finally end this imperfect mess and create existence where everybody agree with Jim Cornette! And you can't do anything with it! Hahahahaha! See You Later, Horse Cock-taster! ~Jim Cornette