Heartless Idiots Who Hate Everything (Also Known as Kevin Hitler's Autolatry Party of Anti-Semitism) is an army

HIWHE logo (Nowadays HIWHE's avoid xd like plague, but they're too lazy to change it)

leaded by Kevin Hitler. Their main plan is to destroy internet and kill every newfag in the world. HIWHE's hate Dave Fandom and Fortan because according to them they're gay.


HIWHE's were some kind of formed from "The Weird Gang", which was previously same thing as HIWHE's, but nowadays Mex has denied the similarity between Weird Gang and HIWHE's.

After the leader of The Weird Gang Mex had died in a war against Weeaboos, Kevin ended up becoming a new leader. This caused most of the The Weird Gang leave, because Kevin was only 12-years old.

Fuck this read this article:

Leader HIWHE's.Edit

Because HIWHE's are so huge army they need specific leaders to take care of army, This seems some kind of a spoof of Dave Fandom.

  • Leader: Kevin Hitler.
  • Co-Leader and Counselor: Sonich Kuchedoff
  • Co-Leader and Strategist: Mike Hassumair
  • Co-Leader and Prime Minister: Nils Von Bismarck
  • Co-Leader: Lucy Rose King


1: always talk without capitals 2: USE ALL CAPS ONLY IN SARCASM LOLLLLLLLLLLLL 3: hiwhes doesn't exist in theory 4: if someone calls you a hiwhe, he's hiwhe himself 5: always make good contract with bronies, because they have lot of money 6: internet memes are only for newfags 7: say anything to KYMers, and they rage. 8: sarcasm is an art 9: trolling is an art 10: create always stupid fantasies out of fortan 11: kuchedoff is legendary fat 12: minecraft sucks, bad graphics, bad multiplayer etc. 13: OGM THIRTEEN BAD NUMBER!!!!1111 14: At this age you're NOT mature 15: expect Fortan 16: we do have a life btw 17: if you're reading this, you're fired 18: nobody cares about 19-32 33: Jim Clonk's clock is the only clock which is right 34: there's always porn of everything, no expections 35: we're now copying internet rules, sorry. 36: lucy is a fag 37: Anyone who reads 9gag must be executioned, PERMANETLY! 38: Anyone who plays League of Legends must be executioned, PERMANETLY! 39: Fortan must be executioned, PERMANETLY!