Giantess Mile High Club is a crappy forum full of macrophile idiots, who seem to talk about ANYTHING but not

Typical day in GTS Mile High Club.

giantesses. They also delete people's honest opinions, because users in the site don't seem to have one.

Fortan was formerly an user in this site, but left for his own will.

Other UsersEdit


Founder of the site and a Furry and pedophile idiot, who calls himself a good person, but sadly he keeps sarcastically notice all the people there. He is just like Avery Petrie, expect he isnt gay. And he can actually do stuff unlike Avery.


Unlike his username says, he is not awesome and he's nowhere near 18. He's Trayx's best friend, and also admin in the site, but pretends to be the founder of site by removing all the comments Fortan ever posted.


Anybody is a 4channer who accidentally got lost into that site because he thought it would sell swedish penish enlarger. But he ended up becoming buddies with Trayx and started to terrorize all the users by using 4chan logics. And also called Fortan an Attention whore, which nobody else had done before because Fortan ISN'T one.

Final WordEdit

It's no worse than HIWHE's or Dave Fandom, but still, they're disgrace to the Giantess Community, and must be rotten in hell!

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