Dave Fandom is a group of anarchist children who support gay porn. It was formed in HussieR by Jasper and his

Fat Nicky, GigaSurger, Sebas The Annoying Midget, QU0TEFAC3, Dave McAngry, Jasper and a person nobody cares about not named Lucy.

friends after the infamous Avery-Lucy Feud.


After Aqua had made himself a complete douchepussy by starting making music and ridiculous rants, Jasper and his Mary Sue-friends ended up creating a new DOHW, only difference being that everyone are 100% DopeSlut fans (because there's no Gabe) and they don't have badass costumes anymore. Basically they ended up becoming stupid gay supporting group who squeak like 10 year old fangirls.

Unlike their name say, Dave isn't the leader or founder of the group, it mostly centers around Avery's and Jasper's love relationship.


  • G0ATFAC3 Avery Petrie
  • Niall "Jasper" Passmore
  • Sebastian Gokuto Acosta
  • Dave McDonalds
  • Aqua Armando Gigasurfer
  • Fur-Child
  • NICKY!


Basically alternate name for the group is, "We Hate Fortan and we want to bury him alive and rape his body." So they all hate Fortan.

Also, because one of the reasons why group was formed is Avery-Lucy Feud, they are rivals with HIWHE's.

They are also allies with Aqua's stupid music friends, who are not this Part of site whatsoever.

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