Andrew Hussie (1973-) is an American artist and the Founder of MSPA Adventures. His fans think he's a god-like

Hussie's Yearbook photo, he later sold his moustaches to get lips.

creation, but in reality, he's just a porn-hungry dictator of MSPA Industries.

Childhood (According to Hussieists)

After Andrew was born, a world peace was written, at least for 50 seconds. One night man called "Repus Hakkazrad" told Hussie he must create MSPA to save world from evil midget horses and cartoonish soldiers who can't count to 3. After Hussie graduated from Art school by doing absolutely nothing, he was elected Kuwait's president three times and won the Nobel's prize. After the shortage of fun, he ended up writing first MS Paint Adventure called "Jailbreak."

Nothing happened.

Then he wrote some other things and came up with "HomeStuck", when God, Allah, Jesus and Cthulhu sent him he idea via email. After first Homestuck issue was released, It got over billion viewers and Hussie won a Oscar and got inducted into Rock Hall Of Fame.

These Days (According to Any other)

Nowadays Hussie runs a factory where all the MSPA merchadise is made by under-paid slaves.
Pink-Floyd Animals

MSPA Industries Factory, one of the most Taxmoney-stealing and polluting factories ever made. Location unknown.

Hussie himself writes MSPA in his house and he buys porn and little islands with all his money. Rumors tell that Hussie has planned to get elected as the president of U.S.A.

Hussie also works for Jim Cornette in a mission trying to destroy Fortan.