=, also known as or Nothing Spammer is the newest Big Evil of This Part of Site.

= is an unknown creation that spams this wiki by removing all the contect in pages. This is a sign of that = also wants to remove all the contect from FORTAN'S BRAIN!

might be an ally with the Dave Fandom, because he keeps deleting all the stuff Fortan does.

It has already striked twice. It has never appeared on the HIWHE Wiki , so it must be a new thing.

= was banned from this wiki, but came back, until it was found out that it was just Jim Cornette Impersonator


  • = might be The Hate , because just like The Hate = is an abnormal being who can remove everything.
  • = got his name from the only letter he gave in one of his articles, it might be also a mistake, probadly.
  • If = is actually just one of the Dave Fandom members, it's Dave MacDonalds, because deleting everything is a sign of sarcasm and saying nothing fits for Dave,
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